‘Actions speak louder than words.’ An old cliché I know but it’s a pretty awesome thing to witness its effects. Last night during dinner Quinn looked at me, his eyes bright.

“Ooh Mom! I know what I want to do tonight. After dinner lets go into the CPR and I have an idea for an art project.” (CPR is what I renamed the playroom when I moved my studio space into there. It stands for creative-play-room. The kids totally took to the acronym and have taken to correcting me if I call it anything else.)

I’ll admit part of me didn’t relish the idea. I had the kids alone and it’s nice to get them into bed shortly after dinner. However a larger part of me listened to his asking for time together. After he got ready for bed we headed in and he told me his idea. I showed him where to find everything he needed and once he started I realized something. He’s seen me in there often lately, creating and playing with various things. He wanted to do the same. It humbled me. Soon after we started Isabella wandered in and wanted to join in the fun.

As it turns out – I love to share this space with my kids.

In the CPR