Four day weekend

Approaching the four day weekend I made a list of things I wanted to work on, start, or finish. Why did I do this? Cuz I thought, ‘Hey I have a four day weekend and that’s lots of time to get things done.’ I started out well. Picked up the kids early on Wed, went out to lunch and came home to a sunny, warmish day. I went to the backyard and moved all the dead leaves around. I didn’t do any of this earlier because I don’t really see the point in raking up leaves when there are some still hanging on the branches. There is one tree left but those leaves will be falling into the spring so I can deal with those. The problem with dogs and autumn is that dead leaves look a lot like dog poop which makes going into the yard while there are leaves on the ground a stressful experience. I raked and dumped leaves and mowed the grass until it was too dark to see anymore. All this to say that I had high hopes for the rest of the weekend since I started with a bang.

The Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving was great but after that things went downhill. I did clean the house and finish taking down all the Halloween decorations but then it was all about chatting and eating and cleaning up the kitchen a  n  d  repeat. Friday Quinn was promised a Star Wars marathon (we managed to get two of them in) so nothing from my list got tackled that day. Friday night, after putting Isabella to bed which ended in her screaming herself hoarse, I had a mini-meltdown. Saturday I couldn’t ever find my stride or muster any kind of motivation for much of anything. Today I spent a good portion of the day on the couch with a crazy headache that painkillers weren’t touching. I finally took myself into my studio space and pulled out an old window I’ve been wanting to do something with. It wasn’t on my list which is probably why it drew me. From idea to finish it took me two hours – the bulk of that was waiting for the photos to print.

I’m looking forward to the end of this weekend . . . so with that I’m off to bed.