Mixed media collage

iHanna’s Postcard Swap

iHanna’s Postcard Swap was one of my major influences for starting the Artistic Road Trip (ART) Project. I found her blog last fall but that swap was full so this one is my first. I loved the process and the challenge! Yesterday I received my first postcard in the mail! I can’t describe how happy…



Today is my 41st birthday. It’s been a long strange year since the completion of my 365 day challenge. While I haven’t kept up with a daily creative practice I’ve found that when I do get an artistic urge it’s much easier to delve in. That’s not to say I don’t have scary days when…


Long time coming…

It’s official. I’m changing my life. I gave notice at the job I’ve held for 11 years and my last day will be at the end of May. By mid-June I’ll be a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), I have the summer off to be with my kids and to set up my teaching/open studio in…


Fresh Start

Yesterday was the first day of Spring and I’m not sure if I’ve ever been as happy to see a new season as I am now. Twisting and turning in bed last night, so tired but not sleepy, I wondered what my deal was. Thankfully a smarter, wiser part of me cleared her throat and…

Canvas and palette

Painting something

I’ve been all over the place today, not being able to settle on one thing to do for very long. It’s difficult when I don’t have something specific in mind. Feeling called to color though I decided to just put brush to canvas and see about blending. Perhaps once things are dry I’ll know what…


Envelope Help

I helped Isabella make an envelope sleeve for a smaller envelope where she put a rainbow loom bracelet. I figured this would be a great way to mail it safely in a fun way. She enjoyed the process. And I enjoyed watching her process.


Envelope Shell

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about fun mail. It’s always so nice to receive something personal at the end of the day. And I want to begin giving that to people. I set out to ‘fancify’ (as Isabella would say) a plain, 81/2 x 11 piece of cardstock. I didn’t like it. So I…


Quilled Card

A friend of mine recently had twins. We became friends when we were sitting together at the park watching our kids play. I’d met her a few times but never had the opportunity to really talk. But something about that day stripped away all of the small talk parents normally do while waiting for their…


Finished up the second round

I’m ready to mail off my addition to the ART Project piece that I received several weeks ago. I really enjoyed the process on this. Part of what I like about this whole thing is how much it frees me up because there’s a structure already in place. It’s fascinating how that happens. Here are…


Tangling my way through

Last week wasn’t pleasant. By Monday I’d been feeling a little better but by that evening, not so much. I stuck close to the couch all week and finally felt completely human by Saturday. It was mentally challenging to say the least because I don’t normally get sick. Flu bites. But I tangled my way…

Kid's initials

Healing tangle

I did more sleeping and resting today. And when I wasn’t doing either of those I worked on the tangle Quinn and I began. Isabella joined in today and helped out with it as well. I do love Zentangle and comfort I receive from doing tangles. So much so that a month ago I decided…

Oddly grateful tangle

Oddly grateful

**Warning. If you have a problem reading about bodily functions this is a post to skip.** There are times when a body completely takes over and the mind has no power whatsoever and the sheer primal force of it shocks me. Biology highjacks my muscles and my brain rattles around, helpless to do anything but…


Date with my camera

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken my camera out. A discounted ticket was offered to me for the Northwest Flower & Garden Show but I was waffling. Did I want to do this on my day off? What made up my mind? “There’ll be pretty flowers and it’s warm.” SOLD! As soon as…

Pomegranate Seed

Pomegranate Zen

I’m taking a women’s creativity series by Marcia Wiley and one of the weekly things I’m tasked with is taking myself on an artist date. Last week I reported back that mine had been de-seeding a pomegranate. I would never have thought this would be a relaxing thing. In fact in the past I’ve always…


Unimportant things

After picking the kids up from school they both wanted to go to the park. I’ll admit it, internally I groaned. It was cold, I hadn’t brought my jacket but those didn’t feel like great reasons to say no so I said yes, with the caveat that I would stay in the car. I played…

The kids

Sitting with my kids

In a recent post I addressed my desire to renew showing up for myself. You wouldn’t know it, since I’ve not posted much since then, however I’ve been busy doing just what I set out to do. And it’s manifested in many different ways – baking, cleaning (which doesn’t at first seem to be for…

Isabella and Quinn

Conflict Resolution

Teaching children about conflict resolution, especially when you’re not really great with conflict, is a challenge but still I try. I found myself reflecting on an incident from a couple weeks ago. I’d sent the kids up to their rooms because they were screaming at each other. After they had time to calm down I…



I’ve been in a funk lately. I’m sure it has to do with my being out of commission and in pain most of last week with my pelvis being out of whack and my root canal through my old root canal. I made time this morning (after going to the gym for the first time…

Sneak peek

Not-so-shiny New Year

As we cleaned up the house Isabella lingered over her ornaments and sighed. “Saying goodbye to Christmas is hard. It’s more fun setting it up instead of taking it all down.” I understand her sentiment but I have to admit that this year I was happy to have the house back to normal. The second…



The other day a good friend and I went for a long walk, during which I found an almost perfectly round stone. I kept walking but decided it was too good to pass up so I went back and picked it up. For some reason I can’t quite explain I knew this rock was meant…


Personal stamp

I’ve been hesitant to sign any of my artwork or projects. Not sure why, feels a bit strange for some reason. But I had the thought maybe I’d like it better if I had a stamp. Today I finally spent some time sketching out some block letter designs to try out. I did both my…

Childhood Ornament


The word ‘expectation’ is continually appearing in my thoughts during this holiday break. When the word shows up I inevitably shake my head, trying hard not to curse its very existence. I admit it … I went into the vacation with visions of what it could be like. Christmas is hard because I have the…

Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 5.59.22 PM

Air Gun

Isabella went to Derek’s office Christmas party and came home with an air gun. Here’s a video I threw together of her and Quinn cracking each other up using it.

A.R.T. Project

New Challenge

I’ve created the opportunity for a new challenge. I’m calling it the Artist Road Trip (A.R.T.) Project and I need other people to help me. If you’re interested in this collaborative experience click here to go to my new page and get the details.



‘Actions speak louder than words.’ An old cliché I know but it’s a pretty awesome thing to witness its effects. Last night during dinner Quinn looked at me, his eyes bright. “Ooh Mom! I know what I want to do tonight. After dinner lets go into the CPR and I have an idea for an…


The sky

Seattle occasionally has days when the cold is perfect. A crisp yet friendly bite to the air, the scent of winter creeping ever closer, and unusual clarity from a clear, clear sky. Today was that kind of day. As I drove home and dusk began to settle the city in for the evening, a tiny…

5K Morning

Turkey Trot

We did our first 5K this morning. Quinn ran and waited, ran and waited. Isabella happened into one of her friends and they walked. Bailey and Roxy pulled and tried to keep track of all their humans in the sea of Turkey Trotters. And I, of course, took pictures. Happy Thanksgiving.


Tiny Book

I saw an idea on PInterest for a maze book and spent a few minutes this morning trying it out. I began with a 12×12 piece of paper and scored it every 2 inches so I had a grid of squares (more than the template below). Then I made slices and folded it back and…

Always in motion


It was a bright, crisp afternoon and I knew the kids would want to go to the park so I brought my camera along to amuse myself. I wanted to capture the vitality of them – climbing, running, laughing – the way they are perpetually in motion. And Lucy (the cat) although not at the…